Sunday, 23 May 2010

Baked Tomatoes with Balsamic Vinegar - Pomodori al forno con Aceto Balsamico

Gebackene Tomaten mit Balsamico Essig - Rezept auf Deutsch
義大利黑醋焗番茄 - 中文食譜

Baked Tomatoes with Balsamic Vinegar
Pomodori al forno con Aceto Balsamico
Ingredients for 2~4 servings

  • 250g tomatoes
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon dry white wine
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil 

  • Preheat the oven 180°C (Gas Mark 4)
  • Peel garlic and crush into small pieces.
  • Put the tomatoes in an oven dish, drizzle the balsamic vinegar, white wine, olive oil and garlic, put into the oven and bake for 10~15 minutes.

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AIB - Assaggiatori Italiani Balsamico
The leaves grading of Italian Balsamic Tasters

Mini Tips:
Originating from Italy Modena and Reggio Emilia, the classics such as Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale or Condimento Balsamico take at least 12 years fermentation, and the syrup alike precious final product of Balsamic Vinegar has been made.

The "Balsamic Vinegar of Modena" which we usually eat, are mass production Industrialized products approved by Italian Agriculture and Forestry Ministry. For choosing, you may look at the AIB leaves gradings. 1 leaf is moderate density, normally 2~3 leaves already suitable for making salad and daily cooking, the 4 leaves is the highest grade and perfect for high level cooking.

The CABM certification means the grapes are grown, produced and bottled in the Emilia Romagna region, the bordeaux red seals mean the product have been matured for up to 3 years, or the white seals for aged over 3 years.

CABM - Consorzio Aceto Balsamico di Modena
The aging classification of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Consortium


CABM - Consorzio Aceto Balsamico di Modena
Consortium Balsamic Vinegar of Modena
AIB - Assaggiatori Italiani Balsamico
Italian Balsamic Tasters

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Basic Risotto with White Wine, Vegetable Risotto - Risotto Base al Vino Bianco, Risotto di Verdure

Grundrisotto mit Weißwein, Gemüserisotto - Rezept auf Deutsch
意大利基本白酒燴飯, 意大利蔬菜燴飯 - 中文食譜

Basic Risotto with White Wine
Risotto Base al Vino Bianco
Ingredients for 4 servings
  • 350g Risotto Rice
  • 2 onions
  • 2 glasses dry white wine
  • 2 cups vegetable stock
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 2 tablespoon cream
  • salts for seasoning
  • Parmesan Cheese
Vegetable Risotto
Risotto di Verdure
  • 1 carrot
  • zucchini
  • 1 bell pepper
  • 250g brown button mushroom
  • 2 tablespoon mixed herbs
Preparation of Basic Risotto with White Wine
  • Preheat the stock, peel the onion and slice into strip
  • Heat butter and olive oil in another pan,  sauté the onion until semi-cooked and follow with risotto rice. When the rice become translucent,  pour in the white wine. Keep stirring until the alcohol is absorbed, then add one cup of hot stock.
  • Reduce to low heat and simmer for 20 minutes, gradually pour in the stock and seasoning. Keep stirring until the rice become creamy and sticky. If the stock is running out but the rice is not cooked, then add some boiling water.
  • Now taste the just cooked risotto should be slightly chewy. Remove the risotto from heat, stir in the cream, cover with a lid and sit for 5 minutes. When it is done, grate with Parmesan cheese, serve withParma ham or Salami... Oh! of course with the white wine. A perfect italian meal... Buon appetito!

Preparation of Vegetable Risotto
  • Peel and cut the carrot into cubes, cut the zucchini into small wedges
  • Slice the mushroom into pieces, seed the bell pepper and slice into pieces
  • When pour in the stock, add carrots, zucchinis, bell peppers mushroom and mixed herbs. Simmer with risotto together.

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    Selection of vegetables as you wish
    Pour in the white wine when the rice become translucent, Hmm... the evaporated white wine smell fantastic.

    Release the starch by stirring the rice, and it will become smooth and creamy basic risotto 

    Finishing with cream and cover it up, the risotto will become softer and more creamy

    • Risotto rice is a high starch short grain rice. You may use Arborio, Vialone Nano or Carnaroli rice to make a creamy risotto.
    • I selected a vintage 2006 of Muscadet-Sèvre et Maine from J.Moreau & Fils, a French vineyard located in Loire Valley. For other selection of dry white wine, you may try Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio.
    • The liquid amount and cooking time may refer to the risotto packing.

    Ocean, thanks for your wine recommendations.