Sunday, 23 January 2011

Visiting Organic Farm - The Beautiful Strawberry Garden 探訪有機農莊 - 美麗的士多啤梨園

December to April is Hong Kong strawberry season. Spare a weekend and head to the countryside, to enjoy the gift from the nature. Compare with supermarket shopping in your daily life, it is a totally difference body and mind experience.

A perfection of outer and inner beauty, strawberries are gorgeous. Pick them down, splash under running water and of course... into your mouth. Hmm... how is it possible to describe this pleasant feeling.

A baby pumpkin, still take a while to grow up.

The farm owner Mr. Law said that the tomatoes will be ripe in two weeks. I can't wait to see the big big red tomatoes!

Just few simple tools, already good enough for our farmers to cultivate the healthy fruits and vegetables.

Lastly, I wanted to buy some flowering chinese cabbages and lettuces, so the farmer cut and collected for me right away. The fresh vegetables were so crispy and full of natural taste. I simply cooked in boiling water with little bit of salt and oil, and it was already an extraordinary dish for supper.

Artikel auf Deutsch - Ein Biohof besuchen - Der schöne Erdbeergarten
中文文章: 探訪有機農莊 - 美麗的士多啤梨園

Reference: The Law's Organic Strawberry Garden

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