Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sago soup with coconut milk 椰汁西米露

Sago soup with coconut milk
Ingredients for 3 servings
  • 2/3 cup (100g) big sago
  • 50g yellow rock sugar
  • 165ml coconut milk
  • 330ml full milk

  • Prepare a soup pot with boiling water, add sago and boil for few minutes. Reduce to medium heat and cook for 1hr, stir occasionally.
  • When the surrounding of sago become translucent, and water become turbid, pour the sago into a colander and rinse under tap water.
  • Prepare a new pot of boiling water, pour the sago back to the pot, cook in medium heat for another 1hr. Until the center of the sago remain small part of white. Repeat the rinse water step.
  • Add milk, coconut milk and sugar into the pot and bring to boil. Pour in the sago after sugar is dissolved. The Sweet soup "Sago soup with coconut milk" is finished. Serve hot or cold.

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Cooked big sago

Mini Tips:
  • Cooking the sago with a bigger soup pot and more water to allow more space for the sago. It can  reduce the chance of burning.
  • Some recipes suggest soak the sago in cold water before cooking. This is very depend on the texture of the sago as some sago will melt in cold water. Cooking the sago directly in hot water is easier to handle.
  • Cooking big sago takes longer time, if the sago still not done after cooking twice, then you may need to cook one more time.

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