Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Rice Balls in Sweet Soup 糖心湯丸, 花生湯丸

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Reisbälle mit süße Suppe - Rezept auf Deutsch
糖心湯丸, 花生湯丸 - 中文食譜

Rice Balls in Sweet Soup
Ingredients: ~ 10-12 rice balls
  • 2/3 cup glutinous rice flour
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1, 1/4 pieces raw slab cane sugar
  • 1 tablespoon crunchy peanut butter
  • few pieces of ginger
  • In a soup pot, add 4 cups of water, 1 piece of cane sugar, ginger and bring to boil.
  • Smash 1/4 piece of cane sugar in a bowl and set aside.
  • Put the glutinous rice flour in a big bowl, add water gradually and knead the flour into dough. The dough should not sticking your hands and not easy to disperse.
  • Sprinkle the glutinous rice flour on a plate and pat into your palms, pick a small piece of dough and roll into ball (diameter ~3cm), then press flat with your palms.
  • For rice balls with sugar fillings: put a small piece of broken sugar on the dough centre, close the surrounding and roll into ball, set it on the plate.
  • For rice balls with peanut fillings: same as above, with fillings of sugar plus peanut butter
  • Put the rice balls into the boiling soup. When the rice balls are done, it will float on the soup. Enjoy!

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Raw slab cane sugar

The dough with peanut butter and sugar fillings

Mini Tips: If this is your first time, try the raw slab sugar first. Because peanut butter is easily stick with the dough. If the dough is too thin or going to leak, try sticking a little bit of the unused dough on top of it.

Rice ball with sugar filling

Rice ball with sugar and peanut butter filling


  1. My name is Winnie live in belgium already 1à years (I come from Hong Kong) Thanks for this nice reciept.Oh !!My chinese name is Chi Wah

  2. And may I asking???how much grams or onz = 2/3 cups and 1-1/4 cups ,,Sorry !!!!because I live in Belgium and don't know what kinds of cup that u use

    Winnie Chi wah from Belgium
    21 April 22:00

  3. oh! Sorry sorry for late reply. You may find the answer here

    300ml = 10oz = 1¼cups

    I've been to Brussels and I love it soooooo much, really miss the great waffles and mussels. Belgium use different measure cups?

  4. Hi Mia Thanks your reply me and I was waiting u and I have been tried this rice bolls with peanuts its very nice only my rice ball look not very beautiful .I miss Hong Kong and also their food .I live in Belgium close Ontwerp (in dutch name Antwerpen) its famous Diamand Nice to Meet u Mia How long are u live in Germany??I live Belgium already 10 years .
    I was borned in Shanghai .but growed up in Hong Kong Winnie Chi Wah Belgium

  5. Mia
    Belgium use mostly grams and ml but our cups has oz too but just I'm not get use to use oz.
    tell me if u want to come Belgium especially to Antwerpen then I will like to show u the best place in Eastern -Belgium
    Winnie Chi Wah

  6. Hi Winnie,

    It's really nice to met you. Now I live and work in Hong Kong. I only lived in Germany for 3 months. I love Europe, and almost every year I go there for holiday.

    I really love to go Antwerp, I saw in books that is a really beautiful place. Thanks for your hospitality, wish I can come to europe very soon.

    If you have question about chinese cooking, I'd love to answer. I am not an expert but should be ok with simple family dishes.

    Greeting from Hong Kong

  7. Mia
    Its really impress that u know so good German (only lived there 3 months).I was backed to Hong Kong Feb 2008 for chinese new year and I plan to go back with my Belgian husband and my half chinese-belgian son to Hong Kng next year.
    I like cook and eat .Wish u come to Europe soon (sure stope a couple days in Belgium.and let me so u there.
    And also Bruge and Ostende (the best sea side in belgium)


  8. Thanks for your hospitality, I learned German in Hong Kong for 2 years, that's why I went to Germany to practice. Do you speak French???